Empowering & Equipping Women With The Tools To Courageously Share Their Unique Voice.


Meet Dr. Cheryl Wood

Dr. Cheryl Wood is an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, and master speaker development coach for women. She is committed to empowering and equipping women with the tools to courageously share their unique voice, their story, and their subject matter expertise. Wood provides specialized speaker training for both corporate and entrepreneurial women who are ready to articulate their message in a manner that is clear, concise, compelling, and captivating. Whether the message is being shared in a Boardroom, a Conference Room, or a Media Room, Wood believes that every message has the power to create a shift in people's thoughts and perspectives and, therefore, should be done with intention and strategy.


Cheryl Wood provides speaker development services to aspiring, new and emerging women speakers in a safe, high-energy environment leaving them equipped and empowered.


Speaking Videos


VOCALIZE Women Speakers Academy is a culmination of the knowledge I have gained and the skill set I have mastered over the past 10 years in business (9 of those years in the speaker industry). It is the first speaker certification program I have ever launched, and I can't wait to serve the 20 women who have already registered to transform their lives and businesses as a part of this program.

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills for Leaders

Effective Communication and Presentation Skills for Leaders is a highly engaging, highly interactive program of education, discussions, and exercises designed to provide women leaders with practical strategies and skills needed to move purposefully to the highest levels of leadership. 

Dr. Cheryl's Signature Messages:

  • How to Get Highly Booked and Highly Paid to Speak

  • How to Unveil & Unleash the Power of Your Story

  • Becoming A Woman Who Leverages the Power of Her Voice

  • Leave Your Comfort Zone to Enter Your POWER Zone

  • Mastering Your Mindset to Create A Life You Love

#SpeakerCon2020 Tickets Now Available!

SpeakerCon is where professional speakers and verbal communication experts connect, grow, and celebrate. 

November 5-7, 2020


“Cheryl Wood has a powerful presence that exudes confidence in her craft as a masterful empowerment expert that evokes an immediate shift! From the moment she opens her mouth, you are drawn in to her life changing processes and you can’t help but hang on to every word, wanting, and even needing more of the valuable tools she has to offer to get you moving. I would highly recommend Ms. Wood if you are looking for a dynamic transformational experience for your audience because once she’s done, you are guaranteed to shift how you envision your impact, your future and your purpose; feeling compelled to reach for more. Expect to never be the same.”

-Dr. Laverne Adams

Executive & Master Certified Personal Coach

President, International Association of Women, DC Local Chapter



This is not your typical speaker book.

These are actual key strategies I implemented to grow from Cheryl Wood the Legal Secretary to Cheryl Wood the International Speaker, impacting thousands of lives globally. A resource containing 50 tips for new, emerging, and aspiring speakers that help jump-start your speaking career including DOs and DONTs.

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