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Putting Yourself First on the Calendar

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — While health is key to our strength and longevity, many women fall short when it comes to prioritizing their well-being. Motivational speaker Cheryl Wood knows all about pushing health to the back seat, but all that changed this year. She discussed her plan for putting yourself on the calendar to finally achieve your goals.

  1. Plan and prepare - plan your menu by the day or by the week, buy foods already pre-cut and chopped, less eating out

  2. Make activity/exercise a definitive part of your schedule - put consistent activity/exercise on your calendar, make it non-negotiable versus optional

  3. Abandon "Team No Sleep" - commit to giving your body adequate rest, don't burn both ends of the candle

  4. Celebrate accomplishments with things other than food - link your wellness goals to celebratory things that don't involve food

  5. Enlist accountability partners - tell those closest to you about your goals so they'll give you gentle reminders and help to hold you accountable for staying committed

  6. Give yourself grace - don't beat yourself up or abandon your entire goal because of one unhealthy meal, it's ONE meal -- just get right back on track

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