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Don’t Shy Away from Vulnerability and Transparency

This article was written by Shirley Robinson and published on Karma Speaker, An excerpt of the article is below:


For speakers, being open and honest with your audience is incredibly important, according to Dr. Cheryl Wood, International Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, and America’s #1 Develop of Transformational Women Speakers.

“To craft a memorable keynote presentation, always incorporate vulnerability and transparency in order to deepen your connection with the audience,” explains Dr. Wood. “When you vulnerably share your ‘mess’–your struggles and your pain before you triumphed over the pain—it allows the audience to see themselves in you. You develop a human-to-human connection! The audience begins to visualize what’s possible for them because of your story and begins to develop a sense of urgency about taking immediate action to achieve similar results. Vulnerability and transparency, in turn, become the greatest point of impact and change in your presentation.”


Read the Full Article by clicking the link below:

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