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Female Entrepreneur Encourages Women and Girls to Leap

This article was written by Stephanie Cornish and published on AFRO, the Black Media Authority. An excerpt of the article is below:


After almost two decades as a legal secretary at some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation’s capitol, Cheryl Wood yearned for professional independence. Growing up in a generation taught to get an education and good job to retire from, breaking tradition took a leap of faith.

“You have to be fearless enough to go out and explore what’s possible for you,” Wood, told the AFRO, May 19 [2015].

While still employed full-time in June 2009, she dabbled in entrepreneurship, opening a T-shirt line called ‘Moms Are The Best.’ With humorous, celebratory, and serious slogans, the line “celebrated everything that we as mothers and women do on a daily basis,” says the mother of three.

Within 5 years of pursuing entrepreneurship full time, Wood has achieved immense success.


Read the Full Article by clicking the link below:

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